About me

I’m just a kick ass lady that likes to fight and write. I have a purple belt in BJJ and have also fought in MMA, Boxing and K1.I have been involved in mixed wrestling now for 4 years and am one of the most skilled wrestlers in Europe. Yeah, I said it!

You can book me for a real time session and custom clip work that involve martial arts, body fetishes, bondage and female domination. I wrestle and make clips exclusively for so please don’t ask other studios for custom clips or sessions with me.

This is my little place to share my experiences real and imaginary. See if you can separate the fact from the fiction. I hope you enjoy and share your comments.

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My Session Style

I exert my dominance both physically and mentally. Face me if you dare, but be warned, I’ll introduce you to a new levels of punishment. My choke holds will leave you gasping for breath, I love feeling you go weak in my tight grip. My scissor holds and triangles are legendary and will crush you into submission as I sweetly smile down at you in your helpless position. My joint locks will have you begging for mercy, will I stop before it’s too late?

I also love to give beat downs, my hands, knees and feet are lethal weapons and in the blink of an eye they can hit you and bring you to your knees. Don’t think your balls are safe, they’re my favourite target!

I am happiest in sessions where I can completely dominate and overpower my opponents especially when I get to see them realise that they couldn’t escape even if they wanted to!

I also like role play sessions when I can create interesting scenes of revenge or domination over arrogant or cocky male characters; a secretary punishing an annoying boss, a girlfriend beating up a cheating bf. I like to right wrongs and dish out a bit of pain and humiliation.


Height 5″6

Weight 70 kg

Shoe Size UK 6

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